Venue #16 - 1 regent place

Kate foster

diverse media

I am an environmental artist who graduated from Glasgow School of Art. Currently I am artist in residence to an ecological restoration project in Galloway, and a part-time postgraduate student at Edinburgh College of Art.  Previous work includes Bioegeographies which was a collaborative series of works investigating the unique social history of zoological specimens. Examples are Disposition, about a hen harrier (a persecuted bird of prey) killed in Sutherland in the 1920s; The Biography of A Lie about various beautifully feathered birds used in the Victorian plumage trade, or Blue Antelope, about the incredibly rare skull of an extinct South African mammal. These projects were supported by a Leverhulme Fellowship in 2005. Since then I have investigated different kinds of land use in Southern Scotland - through field drawing (Border Sheepscapes) and as lead visual artist in a Year of Natural Scotland 2013 project, Working the Tweed. My artworks are in different media - their form and material varies with the context. I’ll be exhibiting drawings, a selection of artists’ books, and small sculptures from different projects at Colony of Artists 2018.

Twitter: @artmeansealevel