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Fraser Hastyon BROCHURE IMAGE.jpeg

Fraser haston

Pen and ink on cartridge

Nifty Shades of Grey - Colour is life - life should be colourful!

Just once in a while, though, do you ever pick up an old black and white photograph, watch a classic film noir, see someone dressed in smart sombre tones or observe an interior in subtle shades and say to yourself “what beauty, what atmosphere, what class, what style?” I do. That’s why I paint in these monochromatic tones (not exclusively but usually). It’s not that I dislike colour. Far from it. I love colour in all it’s forms. It’s just that in shades of grey, I feel I can better convey atmosphere, highlight textures, create form and deliver mood. 

I think the results are rather nifty. I just hope you do, too.

Facebook: fraser.haston