VENUE #5 - 43 ALva PLACE

Paul Isaacs

Pen, ink and watercolour

Local architectural scenes of Abbey Hill shops, colonies and gardens. This is my second year of exhibiting. Living in the Colonies, I do not have to travel far to find inspiration and I am constantly finding new nooks and crannies to depict.


Caroline Finn


Living in Dunbar, Caroline’s artwork involves, drawings, collage, pottery and photography. This is her second year exhibiting in the Colonies. When she is not being creative or a busy mum, she also works as a private Art Therapist.


Richard Ferguson


Richard lives locally in Leith and his idiosyncratic photographs bring Edinburgh and Scottish scenes to life. He works as a Media Tutor, working in photography and film. This is his first year exhibiting in the Colonies.



Pencil, oil and mixed media.

Katy’s small drawings and paintings are inspired by nature and urban landscapes