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the crow factory

Digital illustration, printed

The Crow Factory specialises in digital illustration and graphic design. We love to make pieces in a variety of styles and inspired by whatever is important  at the time. A recent move to Edinburgh from Newcastle has captured their attention, so many new pieces have Edinburgh at its heart. We have also made political and social commentary pieces throughout the years, which have been popular, most notably β€˜The Ministry of Alternative Facts.’ The Crow Factory loves zany colours and refreshing compositions to offer pieces that will brighten up any interior. Laura Crow graduated from Northumbria University in 2007 with a first class degree in Animation, and has gone on to partake in film festivals and exhibitions around the UK, as well as being featured in European magazines such as Kaltbult. Laura is also a teacher for those with learning disabilities and difficulties, and has been involved in Royal Television Society award winning educational projects. 

Instagram: @thecrowfactory

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