event m - cornelius: old masters wine tasting

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Little Fitzroy Cafe - 46 easter road

Sunday 7pm only

The Colony Of Artists is a highlight of Cornelius Beer and Wine’s calendar and for the first time this year Cornelius are going to take part.

On Sunday 22nd September they will be in the Little Fitzroy Cafe pouring glasses some of very select, dusty, old, maybe past their prime- maybe spectacular wines.

Because there is every possibility that some of this wine will be buggered, they will slip in replacement wines if anything has gone too far over the hill.

Tickets cost £19 and the evening kicks off at 7pm

They are not looking to make any profit out of this tasting, so your £19 will be 100% spent on furnishing you with seven glasses of really good plonk at below cost price.

If this sounds like your idea of a great way to cap a weekend of culture, you are going to have to pop into the shop to pick up a ticket since they can only squeeze 12 of you in!